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MECH WARS | New Bot New Game Effect New Map

MECH WARS | New Bot New Game Effect New Map

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New Bot New Game Effect New Map Explained | Mech Wars


Lots of new content will be added to the game like bloom effect and zoom.

Welcome back on my channel, MythBuster is here.

In today’s video I’m going to talk about the new heavy bot Pioneer.
Its not released yet, the video was recorded from a test server.
I’m usually playing with fast bots, and not playing often in the heavy class.

Let see the newest bot and the stats of it.

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Long time ago I’m waiting for a beta release.

It’s a great opportunity to test different builds and setups. I can try weapons I’m far away in my personal account, and I can test bots especially primes I never tried before.

Lets see first at all what new content we can see

In general the new map is just amazing the visual design is awesome.
You have open fields you have coves everything what is needed for a good battle.
It has also levels so you can shoot from above. Its design is perfect congratulation  for it.
From squad point of view, it has corridors from the left and from the right so one part of the team can attack from the right another from the left and keep the enemy under cross fire.
Its really impressive how often you release new content.

The zoom option is also a huge step ahead, thanks for that. This map in the test server is not the paradise of the long-range setups still I was able to make some test and saw that the zoom maybe needed two level.

So, for example if you press once then you got 2x zoom but if you press again then you got 4x zoom.
And pressing again would turn this off.

The new bot is also a great job with the two medium and the heavy slot gives decent fire power to it.

This is an amazing update can’t wait for this official release.

#MythBuster #Pioneer #MechWars
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