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New Release beta 14-01-2020 - MythBuster - 01-16-2021

Mech Wars | New Release - New bot Masamune

Amazing Release is coming!!!!

Let me know in the comment section what you think about the new bot and all the new content!
Live stream on Saturday! Will show you everything guys.
Check out in the Forum when it will be exactly.
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Welcome back on my channel, MythBuster is here.
Today’s video I will quickly shows you what we will got in the next release.
There is a lot of new content in the upcoming release.
We will get a new Prime Bot the Masamune what is an amazing Bot guys.
Also Desert map is redesigned and its really beautiful, and  the viper will get buff what was really needed in my opinion.
But before we get started here, if you are new to the channel please consider subscribing if you haven’t already, it’s a great way to support my channel so I can bring you guys more content like this, and don’t forget if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and share.

So below all the changes on the way with the new release.

''Viper'' Weapon has been buffed.
- Added additional 500 damage to the Viper weapon and maximum cap of cumulative defense down has been increased to 20%.

New Prime robot has been added. Its name is Masamune.
Its Price is 4000 Blue Print.

It has 2 weapon, 1 medium and 1 prime weapon.

Its first ability is the Dark Cloud.
Robots in the dark cloud cannot see and target anyone, but enemies can target and shoot it.

Its second ability is Melee.
Attacks the enemy with a melee weapon, dealing high damage with powerful blows.
and of course, the Rechargeable Shield. Only prime robots have their own rechargeable shield that protects them.

Its specifications on level 10.

SPEED: 56km/h.

The desert map has been made more beautiful by adding items of ancient Egypt, portals, sculptures, etc.

In-game HUD has been improved.
- The visuality of In-game crosshairs, kill indicators, score indicators etc has been improved.

Enemy change button has been changed.
- Now you will be able to target all robots in your line of sight, not just the robot near you.

The power of the bots has been slightly reduced.

Many bugs/glitches have been fixed.

Thanks for watching my video, please don’t forget to subscribe if you liked it.

See you on the battlefield pilots!

✺✺✺ Game Chapters ✺✺✺

0:00 ➔  Intro
0:40 ➔ Explanation of video content
0:54 ➔ Please don’t forget to subscribe!
1:18 ➔ Explanation of Masamune
2:02 ➔ Close range combats
10:04 ➔ Outro
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