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Crusher - MythBuster - 01-05-2021


[Image: Crusher.png]

Price: 1700 Blue Print

Weapon Slots: Four Heavy

Specifications on LVL1 / LVL10

Health: 124000 / 223000
Speed: 26 / 36 km/h
Repair Time: 130.0 / 105.0  sec
Fuel Capacity: 60 / 90
Heat Capacity: 240 / 360

Special Ability: Jump

Pros and Cons.:

The Crusher is the holy Grail in the heavy class.

A flagship in its category.

The Crusher excels at mid-range and long-range combat, utilizing three heavy weapon hard points it can easily cripple smaller robots and deal massive damage.  
Despite its high hit points and immense firepower, the Crusher shares the same weaknesses as the Rusty and the Storm, both having slow speed and a large frame. 
This means weapons with a bullet spread can hit it with more shots which leaves the Crusher vulnerable to close-in engagement. 

Fast, agile robots can make it hard for the Crusher to target and return fire. 

When piloting a Crusher it is critical to keep smaller and faster robots away.  

For squad support the Crusher should select targets representing the greatest threat to teammates engaged in the front lines and to take out the opponents' mid-range and long-range threats.

A powerful load-out for the Crusher is three Thunder, since its energy-based projectiles deal extreme damage in only a few salvos at a range of 400 meters, making it hard to return fire.  

A cheaper kinetic splash alternative to Hornet are Axel and Bolt.

Also a must have bot in your hangar