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Sark - MythBuster - 01-05-2021


[Image: Sark.png]

Price: 450000 Silver

Weapon Slots: Two Medium and Two Light

Specifications on LVL1 / LVL10

Health: 75000 / 150000
Speed: 38 / 48 km/h
Repair Time: 50.0 / 32.0  sec
Fuel Capacity: 101 / 151
Heat Capacity: 180 / 280

Special Ability:  Jump

Pros and Cons.:

The Sark is a Medium Robot with two Medium and two Light hardpoints.

The Sark is not very fast but its Jump ability allows it to escape a bad situation or deliver an ambush against an unsuspecting target. 
With two Medium hardpoints and two Light hardpoints the Sark has substantial firepower.  
The Sark is susceptible to attack while in mid-air, and is particularly vulnerable to lock-on weapons.  

Sark is a  combination of health, mobility and firepower gives it versatility in the lower leagues as long-range support, an efficient ambusher, and mid-range support Bot.