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Ratcher - MythBuster - 01-05-2021


[Image: Ratcher2.png]

Price: 250 Blue Print

Weapon Slots: Two Medium and One Heavy

Specifications on LVL1 / LVL10

Health: 79000 / 158000
Speed: 39 / 49 km/h
Repair Time: 37.0 / 47.0  sec
Fuel Capacity: 110 / 160
Heat Capacity: 204 / 364

Special Ability:  Jump - Cage

Pros and Cons.:

The Ratcher is a Medium robot with two Medium and one Heavy hardpoints.

Its biggest advantage is its special ability the cage and the jump.
If you are under fire the jump can be very useful to escape from the fire zone but also if you want to reach the enemy lines quickly its a big advantage that with its jump you can fly over hundreds of meters.

Also its other special ability the cage is very-very useful.
You can "lock" the enemy robots with in a leaser beam cage for 5 second approx. and in that time the enemy bot can not shoot out from the cage while you can shoot him.

Really really useful ability.