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Full Version: Rust
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[Image: Rust2.png]

Price: 550 Blue Print

Weapon Slots: Two Heavy and one Medium

Specifications on LVL1 / LVL10

Health: 110000 / 209000
Speed: 33 / 43 km/h
Repair Time: 95.0 / 73.0  sec
Fuel Capacity: 78 / 108
Heat Capacity: 228 / 428

Special Ability: Shield - Cage

Pros and Cons.:

One of its biggest advantage is its heating capacity.
The second biggest in the Heavy section.

Its Heat Capacity is 428 when maxed out and Rusty has 458 so he is the second.
Its gives you the possibility to put on it weapons with high heat output like Thunder and you can keep firing for long with it.