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Full Version: Spark
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[Image: Spark1.png]

Price: 400 Blue Print

Weapon Slots: Two Heavy and Two Light

Specifications on LVL1 / LVL10

Health: 78000 / 156000
Speed: 40 / 50 km/h
Repair Time: 70.0 / 50.0  sec
Fuel Capacity: 64 / 94
Heat Capacity: 251 / 351

Special Ability: Stealth - Rush

Pros and Cons.:

The Spark is a Medium Robot with two Heavy and two Light hardpoints.

Also a flag ship in its category.
Its fire power combined its special ability makes it a very dangerous little monster
By using its speed and ability and taking advantage of cover, the Spark can avoid damage while dealing out devastating bursts.
Also a must have bot in your hangar